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"The so called European Stoner Rock has definitely made their mark on future generations. Bands like Sungrazer, Rotor, Grandloom or even Samsara Blues Experiment have done an impressive job within the genre, expanding its borders and spreading their believes throughout the music-thirsty souls. Hailing from Germany (what else?), the quartet Green Orbit gifted us with another instant-classic of the genre, their debut record "First Wave. Notable for the constant warm fuzz sound, which is sweetly interlaced with psychedelic vibes, their sound takes another galactic home, where the sounds perfectly flow together, getting heavier and tighter with each listen. Created solely with the use of four instruments, including a didgeridoo(m), this is without doubt a must-listen album for Lava Rock followers" (ROUND TRIP)

"Causa Sui, Zone Six type jams, with Rotor like breaks into stoner fuzziness. Pretty awesome stuff from Green Orbit" (THE SHREAKS FROM BELOW)

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