POSEIDON - Prologue LP

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"With their feet firmly planted in the dense sounds of 70s rock and doom metal, and having spawned afresh from the now defunct band Light Bearer, Poseidon bring together a sound that explores the vastness of sonic landscapes. From a rage of aggressive riffs, barked vocals and elemental drums to sea-deep rhythms and unearthly melodies, they invoke a catastrophic nature as they dive headfirst into an abyss of heavy rock. As best heard on new track "Chainbreaker", where pulverizing guitars soundtrack moments of stark, barren beauty where Neurosis-like drones hang over nuclear test sites, threatening apocalypse with every note. Having already stormed major festivals such as DesertFest London, Bloodstock Open Air and Hard Rock Hell, and shared stages with the likes of Mastodon, Orange Goblin and Electric Citizen, Poseidon are also poised to hit the road this month for a UK-wide tour with Dallas rockers and fellow Ripple Music brethren Mothership." (Terrorizer)

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