KUNGENS MÄN - Dag & Natt (white/black) 2LP

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Dag & Natt is a concept album in which 10 improvised pieces accompanies you through the course of a whole day: A soothing Aylerian saxophone wakes you up in the morning ... A stomping groove with free flowing guitars on top gets your head going by lunch ... An intense krauty ride takes you through the evening until the veiled night enters in nuances of black ... After the nightmarish turns inside your most hidden parts of the mind, a motorik beat picks you up to make the walk back home ... And then it starts over again. This is mood music for the adventurous. 

350 x white (side A/B), black (side C/D) vinyl, 180g, hand-numbered, incl. stickers. Coming in fully-laminated thick matt sleeves and black padded inner sleeves. Mastering by Eroc.

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