GURU GURU - Electric Cats (black/red marbled) LP

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Guru Guru has been one of the most popular and experimental ensembles in the music scene for nearly 50 years. Like no other band, they created German underground in the 70s, which developed independently from Anglo-American ideals and shaped a completely new music genre beyond - the German Krautrock.

With Electric Cats, the 30th album from Guru Guru's extensive back catalog, the band impressively shows that they stay true to their line: experimental and against the mainstream, musically excellent, rocking, psychedelic and always on the corridor to world music. Electric Cats is a concentrated load of psychedelic Krautrock.

350 x black/red vinyl, 180g, hand-numbered. First time on vinyl! LPs are coming in matt fully-laminated thick sleeves and black padded inner sleeves. Vinyl mastering by DJM.

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