YEAR OF THE COBRA - Burn Your Dead EP (colour) 12"

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Bringing to mind dark and doomy female-fronted outfits like Jucifer, Windhand, and Ruby the Hatchet, power-duo Year of the Cobra prove you don't need a huge band to produce massive, infectious heaviness.

Singer/bassist Amy's vocals and "Rig Of Doom" are an impressive combo, as she wrings both chords and melodies from a 4-string Rickenbacker while wafting vocal lines over the low-end churn, all backed by partner Jon's huge and cavernous drumming.

The band toured hard on the heels of their 2016 debut album, hitting festivals throughout 2017 like Germany's Hell Over Hammaburg, the KEXP-curated Upstream Music Fest in Seattle, and the epic Psycho Las Vegas.

Produced by Billy Anderson (Pallbearer, Sleep) the 5-song "Burn Your Dead" EP sees the duo wasting no time kicking out a concise new batch of sultry, sinister heaviness before getting right back on the road.


1. Cold
2. The Descent
3. Burn Your Dead
4. The Howl
5. And They Sang

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