MOTHS & LOCUSTS - Intro / Outro (yellow) LP

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This is the 3rd full-length offering from the Canadian psych-rock trailblazers.

Following on from 2013's startling debut, Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse, and the powerful sophomore release, Helios Rising (2016), Intro/Outro represents a natural sonic progression for Moths & Locusts, yet with prominent use of vocalization over lyrics for most of the material, rendering the album largely atmospherically instrumental, it is also something of a departure.

Co-produced by the band and Rob the Viking (who also provides samples and tape echo) at his downtown Nanaimo studio, The Chamber, Intro/Outro is an organic recording that goes some way to capturing the Zeitgeist, reflecting global tension and uncertainty.

While Moths & Locusts' music has always remained woozily psychedelic, Intro/Outro is markedly infused with a previously unseen darkness.

At the fore of the band's massive range of influences on this occasion are Can, Trans Am, Rainbow Band, vintage synths, and post-Syd Barrett/pre-Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd.

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