PALEONS - Hyperborean LP

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Instrumental post rock, noise, krautrock, and psychedelia from Oregon. 3rd album on limited vinyl!

Entirely instrumental, the record draws from doom metal, sludge, space rock and psychedelic music, itself an examination of life's duality - dark and light, reason and emotion, freedom and restraint, with religious and spiritual imagery throughout, such as pansophism, the idea of omniscience or universal knowledge. (William Kennedy, Eugene Weekly)

There's a very specific cross-section of post-rock, stoner rock and progressive rock in which exist bands like The Samsara Blues Experiment or Tumbleweed Dealer. It's a section of music which draws on mid-era Pink Floyd for much of its characteristics and overall vibe but further complicates the influence by going deeper, louder and fuzzier on the more "out there" segments while also infusing them with a healthy dose of fuzz. Paleons is a really good example of the type of groovy grandeur the style can accomplish and, this being their third release, have managed to break out of the mold the very specific style commands. (Psych Insight Music)

Looking for points of comparison, I?m drawn to both the space rock tangents of Hawkwind, the psychedelic heaviness of Eternal Riffian, and the post rock sensibilities of Isis, Pelican, and fellow Eugenians, Ninth Moon Black. Yet none of these alone can convey the depth of feeling, breadth of musicianship, and sheer scope of imagination we're hearing on Hyperborean. Enthusiastically recommended. (Doomed And Stoned)

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