SULA BASSANA - The Ape Regards His Tail (OST) (clear) 2LP

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Sula Bassana's first soundtrack album! 60 minutes of totally spaced out and minimalistic music for the Sci-Fi feature-film "The Ape Regards His Tail" (by film maker Michael Yates). The music was done on Synthesizers, String-Ensembles, Mellotron, Organ, E-Guitar and E-Piano. It shows the mellow and relaxed, but also deep, dark and melancholy side of Sula Bassana. Wide and floating soundscapes combined with deep melodies and spaced out sounds: Close your eyes and watch a movie inside your head, constructed by those tunes and your mind.

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Sula/Dave Schmidt (of Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone) in late 2016 and early 2017. Cover artwork by Lulu Artwork! Mastered by Eroc.

Three-sided double LP, limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl.

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