VIBRAVOID - Mushroom Mantras CD

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Vibravoid are still on their mission for peace and present their 2017 album "Mushroom Mantras" just 10 months after the masterpiece album "Wake Up Before You Die". What Vibravoid already indicated with songs like "The Tascam Mantra" or "Three Minutes For A Free Tibet" on their debut album "2001" is continued on "Mushroom Mantras" as a complete album.

Mushroom Mantras are, in the Buddhist tradition, small mushrooms that are painted with blessings and prayers and that is how the album is meant to be understood. "Mushroom Mantras" even contains with the universal peace mantra "Sarveshaam Svastir Bhavatu" and "Om Gang Ganpataye Nama" two of the most important and ancient mantras of the Hindu culture. All songs of the album are concepted as a mantra and form a musical overall art work, as it has not left Düsseldorf so far.

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