SUNSET NEBULA - Sunset Nebula (white) LP

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300 copies total pressing, 100 black, 200 white!

Psychedelic rock album which has been described as the missing link between Led Zeppelin's bombast and Explosions In The Sky's ethereal beauty.

Instrumental psychedelic trio Sunset Nebula are the kind of sound you would hear in an elevator, if said elevator was hurtling its way into the stratosphere at lightning speed. Nuanced Melodies, Powerful Rhythms, Ethereal Soundscapes that soar to euphoric peaks and spellbounding heights.

Formed in Nottingham (UK) 2015 their formative months have been spent performing relentlessly across UK honing their live show and cultavating a unique song writers craft. After crushing audiences and enjoying the feeling of it Sunset Nebula headed to the studio to record their debut album. Capturing their raw energy the album was recorded completly live, in real time without the assistance of any audio wizadry. What you hear is exactly what was played.

"It's incredible to think that even now they've barely getting started and yet they are steadily carving out a reputation as one of the most exciting new acts on the psych scene." - Drowned In Sound Magazin

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