RE-STONED, THE - Chronoclasm (orange/purple) LP *KOZMIK EDITION*

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500 copies total pressing. High performance vinyl, pressed by Pallas Group/Germany. 300 copies on yellow/blue/black marbled vinyl standard edition, 200 copies on orange/purple marbled vinyl EXCLUSIVE Kozmik Artifactz Mailorder edition.

The Moscow-based instrumental psychedelic power-trio THE RE-STONED is usually associated with the local "stoner and psychedelic rock" scene, because of its heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in golden 70's style. Classic rock, blues rock, traditional doom and stoner enthusiasts, and everyone else who appreciates original and challenging hard rock music will like this offering.

Despite the band is not traditionally fronted by a lead singer and follows the completely instrumental path, they are arguably the most welcomed and popular live act among the Russian classic rock revivalists.

Fans of high class psychedelic rock ala My Sleeping Karma, Colour Haze, Monkey3, The Machine will totally enjoy THE RE-STONED!

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