DEVILS BLUES, THE - His Masters Voice CD

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His Masters Voice call their style of music "The Devils Blues". Listen to any of their songs and you will hear influences from the greats of classic HEAVY rock but with a contemporary energy and relevance.

Musically and visually the band possess an inventive and original signature style that showcases the strength of their collective song writing, yet allows their individual talents to show through. His Masters Voice put everything into their live performance. To them, their audience comes first and that audience grows in number and dedication with every show.

Take the blues and revive them with dosage of danger. Add filthy southern rock riffs. Swirl in a generous serving of Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Drop in a few drugs. And then, amidst the swirling haze, you will find you have produced His Master's Voice. (


1. Possession
2. Don't Trust Myself
3. Mourning
4. Save My Soul
5. I Don't Mind
6. Lonely Road

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