EARTH WITCH - Out Of The Shallow (black) LP

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"Every track is a winner. Every riff is massive. The production is raw and warm. Everything sounds big. Everything sounds heavy. This is surely exactly the record that Earth Witch set out to create and I applaud them highly for it. Fantastic and heavy stuff and one of the best albums I have heard so far this year." - Richard Maw (The Sludgelord)

"There's nothing more refreshing than super catchy bluesy sludge riffs to get you going through the day." - Frank Godla (Metal Injection)

"The gritty chased vocals, the throbbing pulsating doom and the righteous heavy blues. It is all there on the new Out Of The Shallow album by the illustrious Illinois trio Earth Witch. With the extreme paradox of creating simple and effective tracks that sound wild and colossal at the same time. The perfect amalgam of something stoner, classic metal and every bit of heaviness they could get their hands on. Nothing short but pure gold my friends! Pure fuckin' gold!" - Joop Konraad (Stoner HiVe)

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