LORD MOUNTAIN / MESMER - Split (green/smoke) LP

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Featuring two of the best traditional heavy rock bands in Northern California, this split offers the self-titled debut EPs from Lord Mountain (Santa Rosa) and Mesmer (Oakland).

Lord Mountain offer-"an authentic traditional doom that sounds nothing short of perfection." (MoreFuzz.net) Effortlessly channeling all the power and prowess of Black Sabbath into a contemporary context with a sound that is both vintage and original.

Mesmer bring a harder edge to the battle, blending Maiden and Motorhead into a death-worshipping slab of heavy metal. Mesmer are masters of straightforward, doom-rocking swagger with heartfelt turmoil and despair. "I don't see how any lover of heavy metal- could listen to this and not completely lose their mind, head-banging and raving like a lunatic."-(HellRideMusicforums.com)

Custom colored vinyl. Limited to 300 worldwide.

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