HYBORIAN - Vol. 1 (transparent green - limited 100 copies) LP

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European release! 400 black vinyl copies, 100 green, gatefold cover.

When HYBORIAN released their 2017 debut, 'Hyborian: Vol. 1', the album immediately scored high praise for its delightful combination of stoner rock, retro inspiration, and delicious grooves. Massive riff monsters towering over serious heaviness are surrounded by glistening lead parts. This first album is now finally available again on a massive scale!

"You like giant-sized, fuzzed out, hard-hitting riffs, right? And memorable songs? Then I suspect 'Hyborian: Vol. I', the band's debut album, will be for you." - Metalsucks

"Hyborian: Vol I is the debut album from progressive sludge/stoner rockers - Hyborian. If you're a fan of Mastodon, Baroness and Crowbar then you'll be mightily impressed by this album. As Hyborian play a fast and furious blend of sludge/stoner metal that leans towards the more progressive side of things. With a touch of psychedelic spaced out sounds spliced into the action. The vocals are more clean based that means you can concentrate on the groovy riffs at the same time." - outlawsofthesun.blogspot.com

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