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Meet your newfavourite band: Vuelveteloca are a Chilean psych-rock band who formed over a decade ago in Santiago - since then they've been busy picking up a notorious reputation amongst the ranks of fellow South American noiseniks Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple for their insane live-show.

In their lengthy career, there's been multiple members but the project has always revolved around core members Tomas Olivos and Marcos De Iruarrizaga. With four LPs now behind them, Vuelvetelocaare teaming up with Fuzz Club for their incredible fifth album, Sanora. The record is ten tracks of ferocious, rhythmic psychedelia that sounds like a relentlessly motorik mix of Black Sabbath's doomy stoner rock and the kinetic psychedelic rhythms of modern bands like Kikagaku Moyo or King Gizzard.

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