BONGRIPPER - Satan Worshipping Doom (clear) 2LP

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Repress of 200 copies on clear vinyl of their 2010 album.

This album has only four tracks: 'Hail', 'Satan', 'Worship', and 'Doom', each spanning more than ten-minutes in length. The harsh, epic, menacing sound of these songs is difficult to describe; the closest I can get is saying that if DXM were a metal album, it would be Bongripper's 'Satan Worshipping Doom'. In spite of this album's lack of vocal tracks, the concept of the album is clear. Unlike the drug-obsessed sludge of previous Bongripper-releases, this one is an ode to hardcore Satanism. The hypnotic beats and overtly devil-worshipping cover art and song titles more than let us know. Not only is this change in concept refreshing, it's pretty fucking cool. The songs on this album are slow, menacing, and fucking awesome.

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