SPACESLUG - Lemanis (clear) LP

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"If Black Sabbath's 'Planet Caravan' had riffs, it would sound like this album." -The Shrieks From Below

"The band is so well rounded with an underlying stoner sound that echoes along the pine of these soon to be Polish giants" -Heavy Planet

"Beautiful contrasts, pleasant detours, thoughtful phrasing, and vocal choices that smack of genius." -Doomed & Stoned

"The band's full-length debut, Lemanis, does not sound like a rookie effort. The trio's focus is steady and consistent, admirable if not surprising traits given the record's likeness to a smoke-billowing hovel" -The Metal Observer

"This is an album to get lost in, not an album to listen to one song at a time." -ToiletOvHell

"The instrumentation of each of the seven pieces are distinctive, and has an overall feel of many 1970's music acts. It is highly recommended to listen to this album on stereo and at maximum volume" -Hangontoyourself.wordpress

REPRESS, 300 copies on 180g clear vinyl!

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