HOWLIN' SUN - Howlin' Sun CD

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Howlin' Sun - the band that proves that rock is most definitely alive. The band from Bergen, Norway, combines elements from 60-s British rock and classic guitar-heavy rock to create a modern sound and tastefully rude image.

After playing together for a number of years, the quartet has made a name for themselves through their unique expression and live-show reminiscent of Hendrix's early concerts. Lead vocalist Tor Erik delivers an impressive classic rock character on stage, and singing like the child of Robert Plant and Jim Morrison, according to

Guitarist Magnus plays energetic riffs and solos over the solid backing of Torgrim and Pieter on drums and bass. With an arsenal of guitar solos and bass lines Howlin' Sun engages the entire audience with a live show that has been well rounded over a summer of festival gigs such as Rekordfestivalen and KlubbOya.

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