SPACESLUG - Mountains & Reminiscence (clear) LP

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1st press limited 500 copies, 180g: 200 black / 150 clear / 150 light blue (Mailorder only ed.)

Just a year on from their debut album Lemanis (2016), Poland's Spaceslug returned with their second cosmic offering, Time Travel Dilemma (2017). The trio's debut album Lemanis has been described as a stoner/doom metal release and the same is more or less true of Time Travel Dilemma except that stoner metal by way outweighs the presence of any doom metal in this album and Spaceslug have really played up the psychedelic influences of the stoner genre, with sounds ranging from heavy psych to space rock.

Only a few months later the band releases Mountains & Reminiscence, another five (six on vinyl) track journey that has the heaviness of stoner/doom metal coupled with an atmospheric approach which along with softer passages of music is also reflected in the cleanly sung vocals, a role shared by all three band members, which are very much done in such a way that they're supposed to be heard as part of the overall atmosphere or as another instrument.


1. Bemused And Gone 05:06
2. I Am The Gravity 04:30
3. Elephemeral 05:23
4. Space Sabbath 06:26
5. Opposite The Sun 05:54
6. Jam (Vinyl-only Bonustrack)

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