V/A - Trondheim Calling (colour) 2LP+CD

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Trondheim Calling, an annual festival and conference held in the Norwegian city of the same name, is a celebration of the region's musical output. For the 2018 edition, the festival commissioned local musician and recording engineer Per Borton (Spidergawd) to compile a record showcasing the city's talent.

Fjords, snow, colorful riverside storehouses: this might be a layman's vision of Trondheim in central Norway. Yet as fans of Crispin Glover Records releases know well, the small city has an unusually active and creative music scene. Seeking to encapsulate this in a record, Trondheim Calling approached Per Borten to put together an album for the festival. The concept is fixed to Borten's perception of Trondheim's music scene after the turn of the century - a heart-warming homage to its many bands in different genres, from Y2K to the present.

Per engaged a handful of young musicians, cherry-picked from different genres, with whom he composed a series of well-constructed compositions to each one of the artists. The record is a reflection of the artists themselves interpreted by Borten, and thus the sound of Trondheim 2018.

The music will be performed February 2nd in Storsalen at Studentersamfundet, Trondheim city, Norway (the true center of the universe). For those who can't make it, the compilation is available on gorgeous 2LP rainbow splatter vinyl including CD.

Artists include: Rohey Taalah (Rohey) Mia Marlen Berg (Doffs Poi) Emilie Storaas (Svankropp) Ragnhild Fangel Jamtveit (Pom Poko, Panda Panda) Amanda Tenfjord (Soloartist) Øyvind Ramsøy-Halle (Frances Waves) Remi Langseth (Jesus Fucking Christ) Gisle Solbu (Woodland) Hallvard Gaardløs (Woodland, Spidergawd, Orango) Matthew Burt (Dog & Sky).

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