SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - Live At The Green Mushroom Festival (black) LP+CD

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After the great success of their last album "La Grande Bellezza", which was talked of in glowing terms both by press and among fans as outstanding Neo-Krautrock, SONS surprise with the new album being a modified version of their always exciting and experimental sound concept.

Less marked by electronica than on the last albums, the tendency towards space rock dominates on "Live At The Green Mushroom Festival", strongly supported by analogue sounds on its spacious flight path. The duo Alexander Djelassi and Dirk Raupach manages to incorporate new experiences into each album, without completely turning the SONS-cosmos upside down.

SONS were supported by guest musicians, including Armin Schopper, who was already responsible for the drums on "La Grande Bellezza".

Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies (total pressing 500 copies), gatefold cover, includes CD + inlay.

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