STONERROR - Stonerror (black) LP

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"So, you call yourself a Stoner Rock fan, huh? Claim you have an unwaivering appreciation for the greats and know who each of them are by name? Yeah, I thought the same, too. You'd best make room for one more. Poland's Stonerror." (

"For fans of Kyuss, Dozer, Fu Manchu, Greenleaf... and damn, what a bitchin' bassline this record has. Not your usual stoner rock fare. Stonerror have definitely put a lot of thought and craftsmanship into this one. Give ear." (

"They bring plenty of energy to bear in the songs, jamming in wild rock break-downs and tangled psych bridges, playing with tempos and time signatures, and generally having what sounds like a great time creating their music." (

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