WARLORD (UK) - Warlord LP

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Rare mid '70s downer-rock by south London based godless degenerates Warlord, featuring the tortured vocals of wildman singer Richard Roffey and eerie organ of leader Ivan Coutts. Soaked in a maelstrom of dark imagery, this underground band's drug-crazed ravings are propelled by the hard-riffing guitar of pre-Stallion axeman John Alexander.

From the Sabbath style headbanger 'Face Of The Sun' to the concluding witch burning ceremony of 'The Ring', echoing early Black Widow, Warlord's frantic sound is both gripping and unnerving. Also included is a pre-Warlord track, 'To The Devil A Daughter' by the Coutts led outfit The Blacksmiths plus detailed band history. Limited to just 300 numbered copies on heavy 180 gram vinyl.

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