W LIKES, THE - The W Likes (orange) LP

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1st press on orange vinyl limited to 300 copies!

"The W Likes, a rock band from Hamar, Norway, released their self-titled debut album this past June through Ramah Records. They play a heavy rock style with a blues influence, and touches of stoner rock, desert rock, psychedelia, and doom. This is just a great, solid, hard rock album!

The W Likes put out a damn good debut effort here. It's hard rocking enough to appeal to stoner metal fans, yet captures the mellower vibes that stoner/psychedelia fans can grasp onto, while it's just doomy enough for the doom fans to enjoy. So go check out the band, and this fantastic record!!!!! I'll leave you some links to get you started!!"

Reviewed @ Tom's Album Reviews, Interviews, and Musical News

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