CRAZY LEFT EXPERIENCE, THE - Death, Destruction And Magic (white/black marbled) LP

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On "Death, Destruction And Magic" Lisbon-based space-jammers The Crazy Left Experience presenting a compilation of their most recent jams into outer space musical exploratory moments. Four instrumental tracks of cosmic soundscapes, wherein they give wing to their own interpretations of the rock universe and experimentalism. The menu is Psy-Rock solid and full blown nutritious, for all those of us, that love to fill up our belly-brains with pure vitaminic psychedelic rock jam sessions. Sit back, relax and enjoy the drifting, acid drenched sounds of The Crazy Left Experience. 

350x white/black marbled vinyl, 180g, hand numbered. High quality vinyl pressed in Germany - mastered by Krautrock legend Eroc. Comes in fully matt laminated thick sleeves and black padded inner sleeves.

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