BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE, THE - The Black Sun Ensemble LP

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"ABSOLUTELY stunning psych LP, first released as limited edition in 1985 on the Pyknotic label and reissued on CD in 2000 by Camera Obscura. Stunning fuzzy guitar, Eastern tunes, chanting, some horns here and there... absolutely spacey psychedelic music." - Mutant Sounds.

"Black Sun Ensemble offers sensual, aerial, sonic magic carpet rides laced with the steady flavor of India that will take you high above the Himalayas in your head. But this isn't plinky, incense-burning,catatonic hammock music, nor does it smell of hippie backwash and flashbacks (thought the music can be hypnotic and psychedelic). You can see forever with the Black Sun Ensemble." - CMJ New Music Report.

Limited to 150 copies.

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