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Australia's most loved satanic party band unleash an epic debut album overloaded with fuzz guitars, 80s metal love and fast acting space hallucinogens. Ever wondered what Motley Crue would sound like as a cheap and dirty stoner rock band? Now you know!

Like all great threats to decency, the church of The Neptune Power Federation was born far from the dull gaze of the masses. Operating out of dive bars and biker clubhouses, playing to troubled souls with dirty hair and crude intentions, their high volume psychedelic gospel spread like a glorious subterranean infection. In the pulpit is Imperial Priestess Screaming Loz Sutch, her tiny frame belying the colossal power of her scorching oratory, spoken in languages assumed through centuries of time travel. Her backing band consists of battle worn soldiers of the Australian underground punk, stoner and metal scenes. Jaytanic Ritual (Aka Jay from Frenzal Rhomb) Inverted CruciFox (aka Fox from Nancy Vandal), Search & DesTroy (aka Troy from Daredevil / Buffalo) and River Sticks (aka Dean from Demolition Highstyle) have long forgotten their former existences and are now forever beholden to the mesmeric lure of the Imperial Priestess.

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