BORRACHO - Splitting Sky (black - BLACK CLOUDS EDITION) LP *1/6/18

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2018 repress! Black 180 grams vinyl housed in gatefold cover. Includes band and label stickers. Entirely remastered from the original studio masters by Tony Reed for optimal playback on vinyl. YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THE ALBUM LIKE THIS BEFORE!

Borracho delivers a groove-laden and epic heavy rock sound that combines soaring musicality with subterranean propulsion. The band builds their sound on the classic (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), the heavy (Mastodon, High on Fire) and the stoned (Down, Fu Manchu) to create a sonic richness squarely rooted in the heritage of Mid-Atlantic stoner rock, having been compared to such scene luminaries as Sixty Watt Shaman, Scott "Wino" Weinrich and Clutch. Splitting Sky - sonically devastating, dynamically captivating music - is already hailed by critics using superlatives like "epic", "classic" and "best of the year".

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