COSMIC GROUND - Legacy / The Plague 12"

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Two killer cuts from Cosmic Ground's debut CD and digital only release on wax for the first time ever; the magnificent 'Legacy' (Dirk Jan Muller'ss first ever piece using the Cosmic Ground moniker) and a rawer, earlier mix (previously unreleased) of 'The Plague'. Both remastered by Dirk for this release in 2018. Two incredible side long pieces, epic in ambition and breadth, which again showcase Dirk's mastery of the revered Berlin School groove, heavy on leanings to Schulze, Froese and Co. yet instantly and incessantly of its time now. Incredible soundscapes which for our money, is bettered by nobody out there just now. Magical, sequencer heavy, electronic psych. Hike up the volume to the max and off you go. But don't hang around as like all the CG catalogue, it all sells out in a heartbeat so get on it!

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