YAWNING MAN - Rock Formations (brown) LP

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The semi instrumental desert rock cult band YAWNING MAN was born in the middle 80s and it is currently formed by Alfredo Hernandez - drums (ex-Kyuss, ex-QOTSA); Mario Lalli - bass (Fatso Jetson, Orquesta del Desierto, Across the River) and Gary Arce - guitars (The sort of quartet, Oddio Gasser). "Rock Formations" is a collection of 10 tracks recorded in late 2004. YAWNING MANs unique musical style follows the trail of Brant Bjork's highly acclaimed Jalamanta. In fact Gary Arce as well as Mario Lalli recorded additional guitars on Jalamanta and Mario sings in one of the tracks. This collaboration was a proof of respect and admiration that Brant Bjork feels for YAWNING MAN. If you try to describe with words what the music sounds like, it would be a melancholic mix of acoustic space rock and folk, with elements of middle eastern guitar style.

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