GRAJO - Slowgod II (white/blue/purple/orange splatter) LP

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Limited to 150 copies
Gatefold jacket
Artwork by Antonio Ramirez
Black poly-lined innersleeves
Comes on Milky Clear w/ Orange/Purple & Blue Splatter 12" vinyl

"Grajo deliver tones thick enough to stand on and engaging melodicism without falling into any real traps of sonic redundancy, varying their pace effectively and conjuring consuming plod on "ER" while still holding to that notion of breadth that seems to unite all their material here." -- The Obelisk

"Slowgod II is a thrilling and exciting album that proves without a doubt that Grajo are one of the scenes best kept secrets. Though I expect bigger and better things will be coming to Grajo real soon. Excellent and Highly Recommended." -- Outlaws of the Sun

"Grajo have been slowly chipping away at that glass ceiling looming over them for a few years now, trying to reach a wider audience and break their music onto a more international market, "Slowgod II" just might be the album to do that.." -- Desert Psychlist

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