SPACE DEBRIS - Mountain Ultimate 2CD

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This is the most complete and maybe the best live performance of Space Debris at the wonderful and perfectly organized festival "World-Music-Festival-Loshausen". The band plays in front an audience that is dancing permanently in spite of the nocturnal rain. A heavy hammond sound delivers the foundation for a dominant guitar play and an amazing bass groove of the meanwhile fully integrated femal bass player Vroni Frisch, who delivers an extra kick.

The album contains all songs from the gig, including the Space Debris classic "Mountain" in a 20 minutes long version. The band plays this track since more than 10 years and develops and modifies it permanently. The second CD contains a complete concert in Jazzkeller Hofheim 2016. The bass was played by Janni Schmitt (known by the last Miller Anderson and Pete York concerts), who already participated on the Space Debris album "Behind The Gate". The experimental Keyboards are a little bit more dominant than at the Loshausen gig. This concert is available for the very first time on a lovingly created music cassette, too!

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