ELECTRIC MOON - Live In Kosmos 3LP *13/7/18

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This was the first show of Electric Moon in the Bochum Planetary, autumn 2015. Since then it became a annual cult event. The set contains more than two hours of cosmic, trancy krautrock and features cover artwork by Lulu Artwork. Recorded and mixed by Sula Bassana (Dave Schmidt). Each of the 3 LPs come in their own cover and all 3 are covered by a cardboard slipcase. Includes downloadcode. One time only, strictly limited pressing of 500 copies! Komet Lulu: bass, effects, Sula Bassana: guitar, synthesizers, effects, Marcus Schnitzler: drums, percussions.

LP 1:
1. The Last Words of Mister P. (24:58)
2. Air to Space (15:47)
LP 2:
1. Radio Contact Was Lost (19:38)
2. Close Encounter Of The 4th Kind (24:42)
LP 3:
1. Sunburst Odyssey (24:45)
2. Star Factory (24:43)

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