SUNNATA - Outlands (green) LP

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180g semi-transparent green 12" vinyl, beautiful gatefold with 3mm spine, full of high quality awesome artwork by Maciej Kamuda, b/w label, 250g insert with lyrics, black paper inner sleeve and PVC overbag.

Ritual heavy music. Walls of fuzz, delay and reverb confront the monolith of absolute silence.

'Sunnata's music sticks out as highly unique.' - Decibel Magazine

'This band can mix doom, grunge and dark psychedelia and push it to the next level' - Cvlt Nation

'One wonders if, 10 years ago, the members of Sunnata might have had any sense of the accomplishments in style and substance they would ultimately attain, but whether Outlands is the result of a conscious evolutionary process or an organic growth from release to release, the fact remains that it stands in a place all its own.' - The Obelisk

'If you give Outlands time, it will swallow you whole into its dark yet gorgeous and hypnotic world' - Metal Revolution

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