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Deluxe VINYL re-issues of ORANGE GOBLIN's classic back catalogue! British Doom/Stoner Metal legends!! COLOURED VINYL!!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE With INSERT!! 

"Coup De Grace" is our "controversial" album. Produced by Kyuss / The Obsessed legend Scott Reeder, we tried to attain a more live sounding record which lost us some fans and gained us others elsewhere! Growing weary of being branded with the "stoner" tag, we made a concerted effort to do something different on this album and I still stand by the results. I think Scott did a great job in capturing the aggression that we'd incorporated and songs like "Monkey Panic", "Red Web" and "Born with Big Hands" still sound great today. The Frank Kozik artwork always stood out when the album was first released and now this album looks and sounds better than ever!" BEN WARD, Vocals

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