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It would seem that the mysteries of Our Solar System -the swelling, Swedish cosmic collective, dressed in quasi-cult garb and deep into the practice of sonic exploration- are not unlike the mysteries our solar system itself. The twentieth century itself doubtlessly fueled massive, star-bound inquiries into the nature and make-up of how we plot our place in the universe, radically turning the unknown into the unarguable - and yet, the pull of the unknown remains, perhaps even multiplied.

Similarly, Our Solar System's third full-length via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond is perhaps their most transparent and revealing, unobstructed by anything beyond the group's now-masterful commitment to eclipsing the expected. On 'Origins,' the music is at once rapturous, intense and mysterious. Despite its title, the album is easily enjoyed as the sum of two side-length outings, and 'Origins' never plays like anything less than a cohesive whole.

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