BLACK SPACE RIDERS - Amoretum Vol. 2 2LP

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What, already? The current album AMORETUM Vol. 1 has just been released, and is still on everyone's lips, and now BLACK SPACE RIDERS are already following it with AMORETUM Vol. 2. All the songs on AMORETUM Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 emerged at the same time, and were recorded and produced in a single rush of creativity. The band decided to release the resulting two hours or so of music in two different parts. So the band's 6th album is a continuation, a second book, but it also exists as a completely autonomous work. Is Vol. 2 the rebellious older sister of Vol. 1, or the young, untamed brother? Maybe ...

AMORETUM Vol. 2 also deals with the tension between fear-hate-rejection-darkness on the one hand, and empathy-love-acceptance-light on the other. "AMORETUM" (a made-up word from "Amor" and "Arboretum") symbolizes a garden of protection and a germ cell of love. But in Part 2 a storm first rages in the Garden of Love! A wild ride over four vinyl sides awaits us.

Hard, fast heavy rockers morph into new wave indie sounds and even postpunk loses its "post". Psychedelic triphop meets dub reggae roots and then ends in a loud rush of psychedelic riffs. Sounds wild? Mmh ... sounds phat, atmospheric, hypnotic, sometimes raw, sometimes tender. This, with all the joy of experimentation, is held together by a band that never wants to stop; this, with all the movement and all the detours, still always manages to sound like a coherent whole. The common thread is in the sound, groove, melody and atmosphere that permeates everything; it is a thread that leads you through this wild, long journey.

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