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IAH are an instrumental psych stoner rock band from Argentina who create heavy spaced out sounds. Parts Karma To Burn, Colour Haze and all the other legendary instrumental rock bands. Though IAH bring their own sounds to the table with 6 heavy tracks that drift between blissful post-rock to heavier stoner metal riffs with an underlying amount of FUZZ waiting to be heard. (outlawsofthesun.blogspot.com)

IAH is a instrumental stoner rock band from Argentina and this is their debut and what a graceful one at that. Their stellar sound fills the room and your mind and they also get to the heavy side, but they do it so tactfully and tastefully. This is an album for everyone who values good music. (morefuzz.net)

Spacey, Post-metal is at its finest when the band lets loose, just as outer space is at its most interesting when one takes a look at the crushing gravitational forces of stars, supernovas, and black holes, and IAH is a band that certainly seems to be perfectly aware of this. Despite being rather new to the scene, IAH weaves a work that deserves plenty of attention in the metal crowd, and if there is any justice in this great big universe, these masters of musical intuition will receive that attention. (tastenationllc.com)


1. Cabalgan los cielos
2. Ouroboros
3. Stolas
4. Eclipsum
5. La piedra que sujeta el sol
6. Luboj

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