RE-STONED, THE - Stories Of The Astral Lizard (purple) LP

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Limited to 300 copies. 200 copy standard edition on purple vinyl. KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Mailorder exclusive edition, 100 copies on green vinyl, contains A5 format poster insert.

"It is believed that almost everybody, and especially those who tend to practice magic, have an astral ally. It can be any entity that helps in travel through the astral, which helps to make the right decision or gives new abilities (in exchange for something). In our case, this is certainly a lizard that will help you with the journey through our new album. It's a very special album, for the first time there are absolutely no heavy riffs and loud drums. Probably you can imagine it, because in almost all of our albums there were inclusions of acoustics or light psychedelia. It's funny, but this album was recorded earlier than "Chronoclasm", and we believe that now it's time for you to hear it. So, one of the most unusual albums of The Re-Stoned in electroacoustics comes out, so that the next album would sound very heavy, as you used to hear us at our concerts."

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