DOPETHRONE - Transcanadian Anger (black) LP

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"With a name as subtle as Dopethrone, it is reasonable to know what you're in store for: Some excellent stoner metal with, in this case, excellent track titles. My favourites being the title of the album and the song "Kingbilly Kush", which is a deranged cover of ZZ Top's "Tush", but with the word "tush" replaced by "kush": Genius!

Dopethrone have their tongue firmly in cheek with their song titles, but they deliver a punishing tour de force when it comes to their music. Dopethrone have the scuzziness of Electric Wizard and Weedeater, but the pace of 80's hardcore bands like Discharge.

Dopethrone truly are, in their own words, "a foul Canadian mix of yellow snow, crackhead diarrhea, blood, tears and broken dreams".

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