ATAVISMO - Valdeinfierno EP (red/black marbled) 12"

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Atavismo is an Andalusian-based experimental progressive, psychedelic, space rock collective from Algeciras. Along with other bands, it's living a true rebirth of Progressive, Psychedelic, Space, Krautrock and Hard Rock around the world.

On their third album "Valdeinfierno" the band presents a varied, capturing mix of Prog, Psychedelic, Fuzz and Jamrock. Sustainably inspired by great music of the late 60's and early 70's, Atavismo never loses touch with the roots of their country of origin.

Elements of Andalusian folk and Afrobeat from neighboring Africa give their sound its very special character. Packed in a short intro and outro, the EP features four tracks and was recorded at the Estudios Trafalgar in El Palmar/Cádiz.

The impressive cover was created by Spanish artist Antonio Ramirez.

350x dark red/black marbled vinyl, 180g, hand numbered. Vinyls are coming in fully matt laminated thick sleeves and black padded inner sleeves.

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