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Limited to 150 copies
Gatefold jacket
Full color printed innersleeves
Artwork by Deborah Sheedy
Comes on Black 12" 2LP

"In this catacomb lies another band that deserves more recognition for these blissful yet "haunting" images they paint of ghastly figures, shadows and once entombed bodies. Beautiful is the voice of the front woman Cristina; her shallow bluesy themed vocals and her seductive wails are what has molded Dayburner into a ritual-like exercise of musical trance. The guitars are like a mermaid swimming deep below the calm ocean at the blackest of nights, like a creature that slithers past the corner of your eyes and challenges your sanity from time to time. The drums ever so mellow play to the horrors awaiting each veiled entry of the nightly necropolis. Ambrosial are the ballads, yet foreboding as they speak in cryptic tongue of evils beyond the common imagination and perception." -- Metal Archives

"This is heavy, doomy and slow as hell. Just the way we like our doom. No happiness here. But that is what makes doom so good, the feeling of despair and melancholia. To me it provides a breathing hole from all the glued on happy-go-luckies of this world. There are just so much fake people you can deal with on a daily basis. It is nice to be able to let go of the bullshit and just sit down and listen to an album like this; slow, heavy and introvert." -- Anders Ekdahl at Battle Helm

"To be sure, vocalist Christina Chimirri, guitarists Francesco Bauso and Francesco Orlando, bassist Frank Tudisco and drummer Dario Casabona make their way into a deep, murky swamp of modern doom in "Dayburner", but in the crush of their tones amid all that trance-inducing riffing, they cast themselves as an outfit seeking to express individuality within the set parameters of style. Their execution, then, is what it comes down to, and with "Orphic" (12:46) and "Vespertine" (13:19) back to back, there's plenty of doom on the 66-minute 2LP to roll that out. And they do so in patient and successful form, with marked tonal vibrancy and a sense of controlling the storm they're creating as they go." -- The Obelisk

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