L'IRA DEL BACCANO - Si Non Sedes Is - Live MMVII (purple/green burst) 2LP

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L'IRA DEL BACCANO & Subsound Records are proud to announce the first time release of the band instrumental first album from 2007: "SI NON SEDES IS...LIVE MMVII" (untill today only available in digital download). 

Vinyl versions have 2 bonus tracks for a total of +16:38 minutes!!!

The album was recorded live in concert when the band's name was still LOOSIN'o'FREQUENCIES (formed in 1996, with a mcd produced by the Guru of Doom Paul Chain) and marked the official change of the band in "instrumental". The Italians then decided to chance name after the mix was ready and right before opening their "MySpace" page. During 2008 the album started to circulate in the underground with enthusiastic reviews from small blogs to site as Roadburn.com.

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