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In 2018, Spidergawd vanished from the surface, but not to rest. Rather the opposite. They are back with their fifth studio album, not surprisingly titled "Spidergawd V".

Once again the band mates Rolf Martin Snustad (Barytonsax) Hallvard Gaardløs (Bass) Kenneth Kapstad (Trommer) and Per Borten (Gitar/ Vokal) have managed to make an impressive album in their own unique sound. Whereas Spidergawd I and II were documentations on an adult musical playground, Spidergawd III and IV headed the band towards a more serious and defined identity.

With the NWOBHM- references from IV and the heavy weight from III, Spidergawd V is very much recognizable and keeping up with style. Imagine yourself in a boat on a river with Spidergawd trees and Black Sabbath skies and you'll be close enough to visualize what to expect.

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