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Trapped in a nightmarish psychic landscape midway between the bars of Austin and the bass-bins of Berghain, Shit and Shine are back, volleying forth across the consciousness with a delirious voyage into the nether. "Bad Vibes" is a singularly appropriate name for a collection of audial explorations that dauntlessly set off down labyrinthine mind-maps to oblivion, all the while with an Acid-House-style smile plastered on their face.

Shit And Shine, a beast under the wayward ownership of Texan transgressor Craig Clouse has - over the course of the last fourteen or so years and thirty plus releases on labels as disparate as Riot Season, Editions Mego, Diagonal and Load - proven itself capable of morphing into new, terrifying and destructive shapes.

This fourth release for Rocket however is a culmination of everything Clouse has lurched towards thus far, infusing the monomaniacal mindset of techno and house with the Caligulan mania of The Butthole Surfers, as skeletal techno, sample-strewn collages, kraut-fried repetition and dementoid electronic scree are thrown into a blender with tantalising results.

"Darkening the corners of the dancefloor it's a synthetic horror-thriller soundtrack in the Escher-on-ludes catacombs of a neverending comedown, while remaining entirely accessible" - The Quietus

"There's no other band working today for whom the words 'post-everything' ring quite as true as they do for Shit & Shine. They're utterly unlike anything else, but only by being sort of like everything else all at once." - DROWNED IN SOUND UK