QUILL, THE - Silver Haze LP+CD

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The second album from 1999 remastered available for the first time on LP-vinyl (with the CD in cardboard sleeve inserted).

A quill of silver haze! - The Quill and Metalville reissue the band's back catalogue on CD and Vinyl, remastered from original master tapes complete with extended liner notes and bonus tracks! The third release will be the classic second album "Silver Haze".

The band comments: "It's with great pleasure we're announcing this project. Having our earlier albums made available again on both CD and - for the first time on vinyl - is a real pleasure. Revisiting the old recordings was a true joy and in the process we found a bunch of tracks left off the original releases, all of them now included as bonus tracks. Third out is our classic second album Silver Haze, but stay tuned for more releases early next year - let the voodoo caravan come rolling"

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