ELECTRIC ORANGE - Unterwasser Vol. 2 (red/black) 2LP

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This music was performed at the Manikin-Records 10 year Anniversary Festival at the Toskana-Therme in Bad Sulza on Saturday the 6th of April 2002, late evening (11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.). Contrary to any other Electric Orange albums, this was only a 2 member electronic performance using analogue synthesizers, organ, guitar, vocoder, sequencer, tapes and sampler (no computers). The music they have played was based on some tracks from their 2001 release "abgelaufen!", some older and some new tunes, but one could only recognize some basics of these tracks, because all music happened spontaneously, was improvised. Recorded directly to stereo, a mix of an artificial head source and their mixer. Listen with headphones to experience the real atmosphere of the concert!