PALACE IN THUNDERLAND - The King Of The Empty Aeon (black) LP

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After nearly four years since we've last heard from Palace In Thunderland, the band surprises us all with a new full-length album in 2019. 'The King Of The Empty Aeon' is the brainchild of Andy Beresky (guitars, vocals), Adam Abrams (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Monte Newman (guitar, vocals). The result is a nine-song concept album, the creation being heavily inspired by Pink Floyd's 'Animals', Husker Du's 'Zen Arcade", and Rush's '2112'.

While the musical interpretation may be heard as a single song divided into distinct parts or a diverse set of songs joined to make a whole, 'The King Of The Empty Aeon' is by far the most focused and complex release from the band to date. The story line...

The King of the Empty Aeon, the Maitreya, is the future Buddha referenced by pioneering Japanese Soto Zen Monk, poet, and thinker Eihei Dogen. The historic Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, sought enlightenment after his father's deceptive attempts to shield his son from suffering and mask reality in a false world of pleasure were unveiled. It was foretold by the hermit sage Asita that the boy would become either a legendary king or an enlightened Sadhu - or Holy Man. But in an age of technological advancement, social media, and 24-hour news cycles, such a scenario would be an impossibility.

What causes and conditions would drive one living in this modern age to seek enlightenment, to become a fully actualized human being? This is the story of 'The King Of The Empty Aeon', told as only the sonic prophets Palace In Thunderland can tell. You have just witnessed the witnessing of the witnessor...

At any given time, four intrepid psychonautical musicians are called and culled together to channel the sonic power of the Palace, and only these four can truly journey to the place known as Thunderland, and tell tales of what they have simultaneously experienced in the Pure Lands beyond the realms of conceptualized space and time... For fans of Mastodon, Pink Floyd and Baroness.

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