VIBRAVOID - Intergalactic Acid Freak Out Orgasms (colour) 2LP

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2018 was a very special year - 50 years "1968", but also 50 years Krautrock, Guru Guru's Finkenbach, Rheinkraut and the Vibravoid from Düsseldorf in the centre of it. Vibravoid celebrated the anniversary like no other band and published the Kraut and Psych Rock masterpiece "Vibrations From The Cosmic Void", the Vibravoid Art Editions 2018 and initiated the highly acclaimed "Rheinkraut Festival 2018". The album "Vibravoid Live At Rheinkraut Festival 2018" immediately made the leap into the top 10 of the sales charts and stayed for weeks in the top 20. The Art Edition special edition vinyl LP already changes hands for 500 € now. So it's not surprising that Vibravoid also got the audience FDM Award for the best 7" vinyl single. Another highlight of the year was, of course, Guru Guru's legendary Finkenbach Festival, which, as a historical epicentre, brought together the founding generation of Krautrock. Closing the more than sold-out Finkenbach Festival, Vibravoid entered the stage - the audience was burned by the sun during the day, temperatures dropped near freezing during the night. Vibravoid, however, played such a haunting and exploding show that they managed not only to captivate the completely exhausted audience, but also to lead the people to a collective psychedelic climax! Due to the cold the showtime had to be shortened and so Vibravoid almost served a "best of" contemporary Psychedelic Rock - from Vibravoid classics to Pink Floyd, Beatles to Can everything was offered, which puts the friend of real psychedelic music in ecstasy. Connoisseurs of the Krautrock know about its roots - Vibravoid brought back with their Pink Floyd interpretations to bring an essential source of inspiration of Krautrock to the Finkenbach Festival. This also reveals the crucial differences between Vibravoid and the current hipster bands, who misinterpret Pink Floyd songs in gothic or heavy metal garb as alleged psych rock. No, Vibravoid play this music so authentically and independently, that one has the feeling to hear an original at every second - one can not get any closer to the real Psychedelic Rock today! This is art at a very high level and something that only very few bands can master. No wonder that the calls for a release of the show were getting bigger. Great idea! But what to do if there is no recording? After a long and intensive search, however, the Vibarvoid found a high quality source and we are able to present the best sound material of this show. A fan of the group had his camera connected to the soundboard and recorded the original sound that ran through the amplifier system of the festival. Closer than this recording you can hardly get to the Vibravoid! Yes and in the end we admit: the Vibravoid fans were right in their calls for a release! The Vibravoid classic "Ballspeaker" is still an absolute highlight of every concert and demonstrates with ease and impressively what Psychedelic Rock is all about. The Pink Floyd classics "Astronomy Domine" and "Interstellar Overdrive" come so close to the originals that you get an impression of how it must have been in the UFO Club in the 1960s. Can's Krautrock anthem "Mother Sky" is the triumphant finale of a unique event and saved many a fan from the death of frostbite, because they just had to dance to this groove! This Vibravoid album also appears in an inimitable original Dr. Koch Artwork.

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